Welcome to Emphasys Centre

In an environment where “the only factor that remains stable is change” (Heraclitus) we began our journey to provide services related in the area of ICT at the professional and education level with the aim to make a difference. Equipped with determination, passion and vision we have set up initially an ICT Consultancy Services Centre, which has gradually developed into a Centre for Vocational Education and Training specializing in ICT and a Research Centre  that caters for the lifelong learning of all learners.

We accept that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Madela) and thus our vision has always been to provide our learners with the key competences and skills in order to equip them to explore their potential and capabilities in reaching out to succeed in life.

Our journey to education has led us to explore, investigate and research various challenges faced by European countries. Our involvement in the development and implementation of European projects has broadened up our expertise within innovation and policy cooperation.

Our contribution to achieving the targets set in Europe 2020 Strategy has introduced us to the world of collaboration, building of knowledge and skills alliances, mobility of policies and good practices that will enrich the quality and competitiveness of the services provided.

We have opened up new routes for raising the effectiveness of our education and training programmes in order to equip learners with employability and entrepreneurship skills for the changing labour market for growth and development.

The economic crisis has placed education, training and research in the spotlight for offering solutions to the challenges faced by the EU Member States. We are committed to make the potentially “lost generation” into the generation of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.