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Short-term Joint Staff Training for the DCCS project!

By February 25, 2019No Comments

“Outreach activities are needed to involve hard-to-reach groups. Programmes should be devised to incorporate ICT in the development of adult literacy and numeracy” – ET2020

The ‘Digital Champions for Community Success’ (DCCS) project promotes digital skills to all vulnerable adults for social inclusion, access, and participation.

The Short-term Joint Staff Training of the project was successfully organized in Richmond, Yorkshire, UK between the 19th-21st of February 2019. During the training, the consortium structured the framework and had the privilege to observe an extremely inspiring digital skills sessions in a local community pub. This has proved to be an innovative and successful approach to reach out to groups of adults.

A huge thank you to A1 Community Works(UK) and Edeucation ltd (UK) for their hospitality and eye-opening experience, as well as to the rest of the partners Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft(Germany) and Les Cultures Onlus(Italy) for the great cooperation.

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