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‘Internet Café for Seniors’ with the DCCS Project KA2!

“Outreach activities are needed to involve hard-to-reach groups. Programmes should be devised to incorporate ICT in the development of adult literacy and numeracy” – ET2020
In an age of digitisation of almost every aspect of our everyday lives, we have to provide ample of adequate lifelong learning opportunities for ALL adults to be digitally included, not only in the society we live in but also in the labour market. Adults in need (vulnerable adults facing obstacles such as: disabilities and/or learning differences, vulnerable adults with social obstacles: low-skilled migrants, long-term unemployed, elderly in care) are often isolated and either dependent on external help or just excluded from participation in the digitalized economy. Often the approach offered to them is to solve their immediate needs, instead of empowering them to solve their needs by themselves and have a sense of achievement.
The Erasmus+ project ‘Digital Champions for Community Success’ brings together 5 partners from 4 EU countries in order to develop a training package and a unique methodology to be used by Adult Educators and particularly by Trainers and Carers of vulnerable adults aiming to empower them with digital competences.
Emphasys Centre organized the ‘Internet Café for Seniors’ in a coffee shop in a geographically isolated area where elderly ladies were given the opportunity to participate in LLL opportunities. The above provided an excellent opportunity to acquire basic digital skills, as well as develop other skills such as social, interpersonal, communication etc. The sessions were a great success and the participants expressed their interest to extend the lessons whereas they also expressed their wish to become ‘ambassadors’ of the idea for others.
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