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TPM3 of the RETROSTEM project!

By February 3, 2020No Comments

Emphasys Centre participated in the 3rd meeting and LTTA (Learning, Teaching & Training Activity) of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project RETROSTEM, organized in Athens (Greece), on the 7th -10th of January 2020.

The RETROSTEM project has a primary objective to produce approaches and tools to help those working with children reach out to them with a view for helping them engage with programming and develop STEM-related skills. It aims to achieve this not by increasing screen time but by encouraging hands-on play through the creation of games playable on a retro design console in combination with electronic gadgets relating to STEM subjects.

A big thank you to the hosting organization Ellinogermaniki Agogi (GR), the coordinator of the project Civic (UK), and the rest of the consortium CCS Digital Education – EU Funded Projects (IE), the Colegiul Național Pedagogic „Mircea Scarlat” Alexandria (RO) and Politechnika Lodzka (PL) for the great cooperation.

For more information, you can navigate to the project’s website at https://retrostem.eu/