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TPM4, C2 and Final Conference of the SeniorsGoDigital project!

By February 28, 2020March 10th, 2020No Comments

Another EU Erasmus+ ADULT Project is reaching a successful end!

The SeniorsGoDigital Project: Promoting Inclusive Strategies for Disadvantaged Seniors (Pr. Num: 2017-1-SE01-KA204-034538) aims to offer opportunities to re-skill or up-skill seniors’ digital competencies to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world.

To support this notion, the consortium of ‘SeniorsGoDigital’ has:
– Designed guidebooks and e-learning material based on the needs of senior citizens
– Developed an eLearning platform which offers 5 different courses in 5 different languages (EN, GR, BG, SW, IT)
– Designed the SeniorsGoDigital TOOL KIT to guarantee their activeness, social presence, e-governance, e-access, e-participation and personal development
– Set up the ‘SENIORS DIGITAL ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRES’ in partner countries, both online and in-house that will offer various opportunities for training.

Emphasys Centre has participated in the last meeting of SGD project between the 17th and 18th of February 2020, in Athens, Greece, where the partners discussed and analysed their dissemination and exploitation strategy in order to ensure the sustainability of the project’s products and procedures.

In parallel with the final meeting, the C2 activities (Blended Mobility of Adult Learners) were taking place in Athens between the 19th and the 21st of February 2020. Two adults and two young people from each partner organisation had the opportunity to participate in this blended mobility, where intensive training has been organized. The participants have also attended the International Conference organized for this project.

On the 19th of February 2020, the International Conference was organized by NCSR DEMOKRITOS, in Athens, where the consortium presented the project’s aims and results.
Mr Athos Charalambides (Director of Emphasys Centre) had the opportunity to present the organisation and shared his views about the SGD programme and lifelong learning opportunities. In addition, one of our senior participants, Mr.Philios Christodoulou, shared his experience with the audience and talked about the importance of active ageing.

We would like to thank the Coordinator of the project
Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund (Sweden), as well as the rest of the partners Acli – Associazioni cristiane lavoratori italiani (Italy), NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” (Greece) and Association “Euni Partners” (Bulgaria) for a very successful event.

All partners expressed their satisfaction for the material developed which is offered openly online on the project’s website: www.seniorsgodigital.eu.