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TPM2 of the PLAY2LEARN project!

The Erasmus+ KA2 ‘PLAY2LEARN ‘KA2 (School Project – Reviving hands-on educational play for learning skills of tomorrow) aims to design and assemble a PLAY2LEARN KIT to support teachers to deal with programming structures, physical computing concepts and promote STEM-related skills among their students. These will be achieved through Minecraft Pi games and Scratch2.0 which interact with electronic circuits.

The 2nd partner meeting which would have taken place in Nicosia, Cyprus – was organised (due to the COVID-19 lockdown) virtually on the 11th of June 2020. During the meeting, the next steps of the project were discussed, such as the finalization of the PLAY2LEARN KIT and the assemble guide, the animated videos that will be translated in all partner languages and the creation of the teacher’s guide.

To learn more about the PLAY2LEARN project visit our site: www.play2learnproject.eu

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