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Final Meeting of the Retrostem Project!

Another KA2 Erasmus+ project is coming soon to a successful end! 

The RETROSTEM Project:”Using retro gaming consoles to revive hands-on play and promote STEM” had its final virtual meeting (due to Covid-19) on the 2nd of June 2020..

The projects’ primary objective was to produce approaches and tools to help those working with children reach out to them with a view to help them engage with programming and develop STEM-related skills.

The consortium achieved this not by increasing screen time but by encouraging hands-on play through the creation of games playable on a retro design console in combination with electronic gadgets relating to STEM subjects. The various activities organised in schools – centres in Cyprus, Poland, UK, Ireland and Romania have indicated the impact of promoting targeted digital skills among young students.

For more information about the RETROSTEM Project visit the official website: https://retrostem.eu 

To view all our developed materials, you can visit the projects’ platform here: retrostem.erasmusplus.website

A big thank you to the coordinator of this project CIVIC Computing Limited (United Kingdom), as well as the rest of the partners Politechnika Lodzka (Poland), Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece), CCS Digital Education(Ireland) and Coleguil National Pedagogic “Mircea Scarlat” (Romania) for the great cooperation.

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