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🤖 ROBOT4ALL: Another Erasmus+ KA2 project has come to an end!

🎉Another Erasmus+ KA2 project has come to an end! Well done to the ROBOT4ALL Consortium! 🎉
The TOOL KIT  produced as part of the ROBOT4ALL Project is now available for Secondary Teachers to use in order to promote digital, coding, STEM and robotic skills in their schools, thus achieving social inclusion, equality and access for all students.
🤖Why Robotics? Robotics is an effective, fascinating and motivating way to introduce students to coding which integrates all STEM fields. Among other things, it promotes other employability skills such as problem-solving, group work, leadership, creativity and initiative.
  • Guiding Document 
  • Comparative Report
  • Handbook, Exercises and Solutions for Coding
  • Assignments and Solutions for Coding
  • Exercises and Solutions for Robotics 
  • Assignments and Solutions for Robotics,
  • Moodle Application Guide  
  • Presentation for First Lesson & Videos  
All the above have been uploaded to the website and dynamic platform!
💻For more information about the project, please visit our website: www.robovet.eu
To register on our platform to view the results click here: www.academy.robot4all.eu
We would like to thank our coordinator from University of Hannover (GER), as well as our colleagues I.E.S Maria Moliner (ESP) and the rest of the partners: 2 EK Peiraia (GR), Civic Computing (UK), CDIMM (RO), Cyprus Computer Society(CY) and Digital Initiatives (LUX) for a fruitful collaboration.
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