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The consortium of the GODIGITAL project invites you to support its efforts and follow the ‘GODIGITAL Ambassadors Group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/355823241767179)’ and sign the petition https://forms.gle/onV5H19fsLaVHk7h6 

The GODIGITAL project aims:

📙 To design, develop, pilot-test and evaluate a complete tool kit to support primary schools

💻 To upgrade the digital competences of the teachers and as a consequence the digital literacy of the students.

Together, partners from Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria have developed an online platform that helps primary school teachers improve their digital skills. The GODIGITAL e-Learning platform provides five (5) courses in five (5) different languages. 

Five (5) courses – areas:

Module 1: Internet

Module 2: LMS 

Module 3: Hardware 

Module 4: Tools and Applications 

Module 5: Website Design

👉 Project website www.teachersgodigital.eu 

👉 e-Learning platform:  http://moodle.teachersgodigital.eu/