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Set up your bussiness online! – Check out our BOOST4YOUTH project!

By September 4, 2020No Comments

👉 The BOOST4youth Erasmus+ project is about helping young individuals become digital entrepreneurs by setting up online businesses which can be financially viable by targeting the foreign consumer through personalized digital strategies, aiming to increase cross-border sales 🛒.

➡️ BOOST4youth Results:

✔️ Rationalisation phase ✔️ Needs validation phase✔️Training methodology ✔️ Action list ✔️ DEC Course Development modules ✔️ ECVET Supporting Tools ✔️ Genie Design and Development 📢 DEC Course Development Modules: ✔️ Ordering ✔️ Payment ✔️ Delivery and Communication ✔️ Promotion ✔️ Booking ✔️ Buying ✔️ Contracting

❗ Genie https://boost4youth.eu/genie

➡️ For more information www.boost4youth.eu Civic, CCS Digital Education , AKNOW , PAR, Danmar Computers