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Another EU Erasmus+ Adult Project is reaching a successful end!

By September 22, 2020No Comments

🎉 Another EU Erasmus+ Adult Project is reaching a successful end!

👉 The Digital Champions for Community Success project brought together 5 partners from 4 EU countries, in order to develop a Training package and Methodology to be used by adult educators and particularly by Trainers and Carers of vulnerable adults facing obstacles such as: disabilities and/or learning differences, vulnerable adults with social obstacles: low-skilled migrants, long-term unemployed, elderly in care.

👉 The consortium managed to meet all the project aims set from the beginning, and the new methodology of fostering ‘Digital Champions’ have been introduced to many people and communities in all the 4 EU countries. Often the approach to adult education was to solve their immediate needs. Instead, this project aimed to empower those people to solve their needs and also gain a sense of achievement in the process.

🗓️ The last meeting of the project was conducted virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and all partners expressed their satisfaction for the successful completion of all the activities, the impact this project had and also different ways to ensure the sustainability of the project’s products and procedures.

💯 We would like to thank the coordinator of the project A1 Community Works , as well as the rest of the partners
Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft , Edeucation ltd , Les Cultures Onlus for the great cooperation.

💻 For more information and to gain access to allow the material developed please visit: