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By October 19, 2020No Comments
Emphasys Centre supports the EU’s Environmental Policy, the EU Green Deal by reducing paper, plastic and glass usage and promoting environmental education and awareness through the organization of various activities within the framework of Erasmus+ programme. Furthermore, the organization is committed to protecting the environment and has initiated campaigns for recycling purposes and food waste. It also works closely with various social enterprises and green/environmental organisations in CY such as AKTI, SISTEMA CYPRUS, CYMEPA, CYCLISTS ACROSS BARRIERS,
whereas it has previously worked with the IDEA CY (Bank of Cyprus start-up incubators) and the University of Nicosia.
This year, the EU Green Week 2020 (19-22 October 2020), will highlight the importance of biodiversity for the society and the economy, and the role it can play in supporting and stimulating recovery in a post-pandemic world. Now, more than ever, it’s time to rethink and re-examine our relationship with the environment, change and/or stop any the activities that are causing biodiversity loss and the wider environmental crisis. EU Green Week will examine how the EU’s policies such as the European Green Deal can help nature, to recover and thrive.
#EUGREENWEEK European Commision in Cyprus #EUGREENDEAL