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Progress for the ALL4INCLUSION project!

By November 4, 2020No Comments
⌛ Work in progress…
Emphasys Centre within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus+ project ALL4INCLUSION: “A TOOL KIT with Effective Outreach and Motivational Strategies for Upgrading the key Competences of Marginalized & Vulnerable low Skilled Adults (Focus on Women): Ensuring Social Inclusion, Access, and Participation in the Digital era”, along with five distinguished organisations from different European countries:
are currently developing the IO2 LLL MOTIVATIONAL BACK PACK which will contain all essential modules, resources, tools etc. for the acquisition of digital skills for senior citizens. The project supports the social inclusion of seniors. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults have been excluded from a society based on physical contact. Following the development of this EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL, Adult Educators will teach vulnerable populations, such as senior citizens, how to access the internet, digital services, social media networks etc, as many older adults who are frail and are not online, struggle with social and digital exclusion.
Below are the modules which have been developed by the consortium:
  1. Computer Hardware and Basic Functions
  1. Basic Software
  1. Communication and Collaboration
  1. Online payments purchases and Online Entrepreneurship
  1. Digital Citizenship
  1. Smartphones/ Android/ Tablets
📣 Check out our website: https://all4inclusion.eu/ and
📣 Follow our FB project page https://www.facebook.com/all4inclusion and stay updated‼️