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SKILLSMATCH! A new Erasmus+ KA2 project has taken off!

By December 2, 2020No Comments
📈The massive increase of online courses of different forms has made it difficult for learners to choose the most appropriate course that will support them in developing the competences they need.
🔊The new Erasmus+ KA2 project named SKILLSMATCH has a goal to support adult educators in developing their digital skills and to help course providers develop new up-to-date e-learning courses. The project will set out to produce three main outputs: 1) An online/mobile matching tool for selecting the most appropriate e-learning course, based on identified competence gaps, 2) A Guide for course providers on the current competence gaps and learning needs of adult educators and 3) Learning nuggets which will enhance adult educators’ soft and digital skills.
💻💭During the virtual kick-off meeting of the project, which took place on the 19th November, the consortium discussed matters related to the project timeline, outputs, budget, project management and financials.
👏A big thank you to the project coordinator Middlesex University (UK), and the rest of the partners IDEC (Greece), Pontydysgu SL (Spain), P & W PROJECT GMBH (Germany), EUROCREA (Italy) and Oracle TES (UK) for their active participation and collaboration.