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Online Training (C1) for the Connected Learning Project!

By December 8, 2020No Comments
📢 “[Non-formal learning] stands for a range of core learning principles, methodologies and approaches in the youth sector, commonly emphasising the learner’s intrinsic motivation, voluntary participation, critical thinking and democratic agency.” – The Council of Europe.
👉 Between the 30th of November 2020 and the 4th of December 2020, the consortium of the Erasmus+ project entitled CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW, conducted the short-term staff training activity online. During the online training, the consortium was presented with the projects’ platform from our partners in Bulgaria – Vudutek.
The following days each partner presented the material they had developed through the platform. The materials developed were:
➡️Module 1: Business Principles
➡️Module 2: Marketing
➡️Module 3: Planning & Budgeting
➡️Module 4: Innovative Learning
➡️Module 5: Soft Skills
➡️Module 6: Thinking ahead
💯 At the end of each session, feedback was provided to the trainer presenting and each partner would then review and discuss internally (offline) regarding the training, using the recordings from each session. At the end of the review and consultation session, evaluations were completed and submitted. On the final day of the training, an overall discussion and evaluation was done of the C1 training, an overview of the badges were discussed as well as the teaching tools and techniques used.
ℹ️ For more information about our project visit our website at http://connected-youth.eu/ and register on the platform https://connectedlearningmap.com/