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🎉 Another KA2 Erasmus+ project has reached a successful end..!

By December 18, 2020No Comments
🎉 Another KA2 Erasmus+ project has reached a successful end..!
👉 The project titled ‘CT+ Creativity Training for Europe’ promotes the development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences such as creativity and innovation linked with entrepreneurship.
The consortium has developed the CT+ European Framework and Methodology which includes a curriculum and methodology guidelines with the following topics:
➡️ Module 1: Transversal Skills
➡️ Module 2: Professional Development
➡️ Module 3: Self-Development
➡️ Module 4: Networking and Communication
➡️ Module 5: Practical entrepreneurship
👏 We would like to thank the coordinator of this project Academia Postal 3 (Spain), as well as the rest of the partners: Lancaster Morecambe EU (UK), Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (Netherlands) and EURO-NET (Italy) and for the excellent collaboration on this project.
ℹ️ Check out the official website for more information: https://creativitytrainingproject.netsons.org/ and register on our Creative Training community https://creativitytrainingproject.netsons.org/creative…/