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Check out the short-term staff training (C1) of the Erasmus+ Adult project GOdIGITAL!

👉 The short-term staff training (C1) of the Erasmus+ Adult project “GOdIGITAL: Digital tools for work” was held online between the 8th and 9th of March 2021 and was completed with great success!
📢 The Erasmus+ GoDigital project aims to improve employability among young NEET (Neither in Employment nor in Education and Training) people of 18-30 years old. This will be achieved through the development of an open online tool that will provide users with personalised learning paths to improve their digital skills.
🧑 The participants had the opportunity to get informed about the project and the projects’ results.
Additionally, the consortium presented the GOdIGITAL Accelerator Tool as well as its functionalities such as:
➡️ Registration and pre-assessment questionnaire
➡️ Activity Cards for the four modules and skills wheel
➡️ Open Badges Eco-system: A validation and assessment method to share the verifiable skills for young people earned from the GOdIGITAL project.
✅On the first day of the C1 training, the coordinator of the project FEUZ – Spain presented a brief overview of the project’s purpose and aims. CIVIC – UK presented the e-learning platform and the Open Badges Eco-System ( https://godigital.staging.civiccomputing.com/accelerator-tool). Also, two learning modules with activity cards were presented – Module 1 – Information & Data Literacy by EUROGEO – Belgium , and Module 3 – Digital Content Creation by Emphasys Centre – Cyprus.
✅On the second day of the C1 training two learning modules were presented Module 2 – Communication and Collaboration by RCCI – Bulgaria, and Module 4 – Safety & Problem Solving by IDEC – Greece. At the end of the training, participants had an open discussion for evaluation and feedback for the whole C1 training activity and the next steps of the project were discussed. More specifically, the pilot testing phase of the programme which will be organised in all partners’ countries soon!
👏 A big thank you to the coordinator of the project FEUZ (Spain), as well as our partners Civic (UK), European Digital Learning Network (Italy), Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry / РТИК (Bulgaria), EUROGEO (Belgium), IDEC S.A. (Greece) for the great cooperation and training.
❗ 🎉 Follow the Emphasys Centre page to stay up to date with the project’s progress and the project’s website https://godigital-project.eu/