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📖 “[Non-formal learning] stands for a range of core learning principles, methodologies and approaches in the youth sector, commonly emphasising the learner’s intrinsic motivation, voluntary participation, critical thinking and democratic agency.” – The Council of Europe 🇪🇺
👉The Erasmus+ project entitled CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW targets marginalised young people who have limited access to educational opportunities. The project aims to make learning opportunities accessible to all, through the creation of a dynamic e-learning platform and a mobile application. These online tools include an interactive map of learning opportunities, offering young people the opportunity to search, filter and easily navigate courses of their interest for their professional and personal development.
👊 On the 30th of March 2021, the online pilot testing was conducted featuring a guest speaker with his associates. The session began with an introduction about Emphasys, the presenter, guest speaker – entrepreneur Afxentis Evaggelou and his associates. An introduction to the idea of the  CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW project was introduced followed by the demonstration of registration on the Platform and Mobile Application where all participants were encouraged to register.
The materials presented during the pilot testing were:
✔️Module 1: Business Principles
✔️Module 2: Marketing
✔️Module 3: Planning & Budgeting
✔️Module 4: Innovative Learning
✔️Module 5: Soft Skills
✔️Module 6: Thinking ahead
👏 A big thank you to Mr Afxentis Evaggelou and his associates, who shared their amazing stories, of how they started and developed their businesses and encouraged everyone to follow their dreams!
ℹ️ For more information check out our website at: http://connected-youth.eu/