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Update on the Bridging the Gap project!

✨🌾Bridging the Gap:  Digital competences for women in rural areas to increase their entrepreneurial opportunities and employability, towards inclusion through entrepreneurship.
📢Quick update on the progress of the project:
✅After completing the focus groups, interviews and National Reports related to rural female entrepreneurship the consortium met online on the 21st of April 2021 to finalise the National reports and discuss administrative and financial issues as well as the next steps. Currently, the partners are in the process of preparing the Comparative Report which is the final result of Task 1.
The consortium:
👉Afammer Nacional (Spain),
👉InterMediaΚT (Greece)
👉Dramblys (Spain),
👉Incsmps (Romania)
 👉Ce.F.A.S. (Italy)
Project Facebook page: 👇
#BridgingtheGap #WomenEntrepreneurship #ErasmusPlus