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Learn more about the DigitaliseMe project!

🗣 Digital competence is part of the revised European Reference for Lifelong Learning which all citizens should have – Digital Education Action Plan
👉 💡 The Erasmus+ DigitaliseMe project aims to:
✔️ Suggest innovative methodologies for educating and training older adults in order to improve their digital and ICT skills.
✔️ Improve the access of older adults to quality training and education by enhancing cross-sectorial cooperation at the local level.
✔️ Upgrade instructional and educational competences of adult educators working with older adults by developing and deploying a blended training course.
The consortium has developed the ‘DigitaliseMe Educational Material’ which includes a methodological framework and training material with the following topics:
➡️ Module 1: Information & Data Literacy
➡️ Module 2: Communication & Collaboration
➡️ Module 3: Digital Content Creation
➡️ Module 4: Safety
➡️ Module 5: Problem Solving
➡️ Module 6: Media Literacy
🔗For more info visit our website: www.digitaliseme.eu