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The Q4EDU project has taken off!

👉 COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways, especially in the education process. Digital readiness has been one of the main challenges that have not been uniform, especially in the VET sector. As a result, current and next-generation workers need to be more tech savy, as ICT skills are required to offer and receive education and training.
💻 This is what the Q4EDU project aims to do by offering a methodology for a quality plan to VET centers and trainers in order to be more adaptable to change and more digitally ready. Emphasys Centre participated in the virtual kick-off meeting of the project on the 7th of May 2020, along with 5 other organisations. During the meeting, all partners presented their organisation, discussed about the project and their tasks and they decided on the upcoming steps and tasks. The meeting ended with promising outcomes and future plans.
👏 A big thank you to the coordinator of the project University of Lodz (Poland), and the rest of the partners Łukasiewicz-ITeE (Poland), City College (Greece), Atlantis Engineering SA (Greece), and European Digital Learning Network (Italy) for this fruitful meeting and we hope to many more to come!
👉 Stay tuned for more information about the Q4EDU project!