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❗Quick update on the SKILLSMATCH project!

Quick update on the SKILLSMATCH project!
💬”It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill” – Wilbur Wright
🔊The Erasmus+ KA2 SKILLSMATCH aims to support adult educators in developing their digital skills and to help course providers develop new up-to-date e-learning courses. The project will produce three main outputs: 1) An online/mobile matching tool for selecting the most appropriate e-learning course, 2) A Guide for course providers on the current competence gaps and learning needs of adult educators and 3) Learning nuggets that will enhance adult educators’ soft and digital skills.
📆During the project’s last meeting which was held on the 9th June, the partnership did some brainstorming on the frameworks and functionalities that will be part of the SKILLSMATCH tool (IO1). Additionally, an overview of the IO2 Guide for course providers was presented and was followed by a discussion and planning of the next steps. Partners also briefly discussed how the IO3 Learning Nuggets will be developed and incorporated into the platform of the project.
🙏A big thank you to the project coordinator Middlesex University (UK), and the rest of the partners IDEC (Greece), Pontydysgu SL (Spain), P & W PROJECT GMBH (Germany), EUROCREA (Italy) and Oracle TES (UK) for their active participation and collaboration so far.
💯Exciting things are coming up!
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