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Media Literacy for Parents – MeLi Webinar!

👉💻On the 11th June the Erasmus+ project Media Literacy for Parents (MeLi) organized a webinar with the aim to improve and enrich the media literacy of parents.
👉MeLi for Parents is an Erasmus+ project developed by a transnational partnership with the aim to promote media literacy for adult citizens, equipping them with knowledge and tools to interact with new media in a critical manner.  More precisely it aims to guide parents on how to protect their children from dangers related to the use of the internet, social media and online games.
💯During the webinar the panelists provided an overview of the project’s developed training programme, materials and web application.
🙏A big thank you to the whole MeLi team for organizing the seminar and to the people who attended. We wish to see you again in the project’s future activities.
MeLi team:👇
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