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The DigitaliseMe project!

🗣 The acquisition of ICT and digital skills can contribute to address this social challenge by the adoption of ICT and digital technologies. Ensuring that older people have the opportunity to take an active part in the society is very important to make our societies more inclusive.
👉 The Erasmus+ DigitaliseMe project aims to upgrade elder adults’ (55+ years) digital competences, to improve their social inclusion and development.
The consortium has developed the ‘DigitaliseMe Educational Material’ which includes a methodological framework and training material for six (6) modules with the following topics:
➡️ Module 1: Information & Data Literacy
➡️ Module 2: Communication & Collaboration
➡️ Module 3: Digital Content Creation
➡️ Module 4: Safety
➡️ Module 5: Problem Solving
➡️ Module 6: Media Literacy
Additionally, the consortium has developed the ‘Trainers’ guidebook’ which is a guidebook/handbook for adult trainers/mentors/educators with tips and guidelines how to implement and teach our target group, senior citizens.
You can find the trainers’ guidebook here https://digitaliseme.eu/en
✨ Follow the project’s Facebook page @digitaliseme to stay up to date with the project!
➡️ Project’s website: www.digitaliseme.eu