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💯 Another European project has reached a successful end!

💯 Another European project has reached a successful end!
👉DIMELI4AC project started its journey in 2018, with the aim to support young people to participate safely, effectively, critically and responsibly in a world filled with social media and digital technologies. As part of the project, learning material and resources were developed for both students, but also for teachers to support them deliver media literacy training. Additionally, an interactive game was developed to support students’ learning in a more engaging and fun way.
👉 We would like to thank the co-ordinator of the project, Leibniz Universität Hannover,as well as the rest of the partners Lifelong Learning Platform , ANT1.com.cy and Ellinogermaniki Agogi for the excellent collaboration on this project.
❗ For more information on our project, please visit our website: http://dimeli.eu/
To check out the e-learning platform and the DIMELI game click https://dimeli.erasmusplus.website/