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πŸ“’ New updates on the THINK SOCIAL project!!

πŸ“’ New updates on the THINK SOCIAL project!!
πŸ‘‰ The Erasmus+ THINK SOCIAL project aims to improve TCN women’s entrepreneurial competences in order to encourage them to become social entrepreneurs and to help their society with their own innovative ideas. An interactive platform that will include an Upskilling Pathway Programme, as well as an interactive AR game, are some of the products that will be developed throughout the project for supporting TCN women.
πŸ’» The consortium has already started working actively with many activities, and on the 29th of June, partners attended the virtual TPM2! During this fruitful meeting, discussions in regards to the main activities were developed and partners have decided on the most adequate modules for the Educational Pack and continued brainstorming on the AR game. An introduction was given for the development of the platform and the meeting ended with some brief comments on dissemination and quality assurance.
πŸ‘ We would like to thank the coordinator of the project CGE (Germany), as well as the rest of the partners DRAMBLYS (Spain), Spectrum Research Centre (Ireland), AKNOW (Greece), IWM (Germany) and IDEC (Greece) for this really productive meeting. Looking forward to many more!
ℹ️ Find more about the project on the THINK SOCIAL website: http://thinksocial.4learning.eu/