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Learn about the DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE project!

By August 11, 2021No Comments
❗ ❗ Urbanisation in Europe reaches 75% while youth unemployment across Europe by the mid-2021 was 17.3% (Statista and European Commission, 2021).
💡 DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE is an Erasmus KA2 Youth Education Project which aims to promote entrepreneurship in cultural sectors and cultural heritage amongst young people through an e-learning platform and a mobile app.
🖱️ The project aims to also develop an e-community for young people to promote their work, products and services in the cultural sector in all partners’ countries through a mapping tool (Poland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Hungary).
✅ So far, partners have created the Comparative Index and Handbook which summarises the findings in each partner country in regards to relevant opportunities for young people, main cultural professions, data on youth unemployment and rural development, and related policies. Please find the comparative index and handbook here http://digitalroutes.4learning.eu/results/
📘 Partners have also developed the Social Entrepreneurship Competence Framework which outlines the main skills and competences young people and youth workers will learn that will work as the basis of the Training Material. 7 modules will be developed: Introduction to Cultural Entrepreneurship, Cultural Tourism, Business Competencies for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Communication & Marketing Competencies, Digital competencies, Creative competencies and Working with Local Communities.
👉 The following step is the development of the training material to then be integrated into the platform.
🤝 A big thank you to the coordinator and the rest of the team for the great collaboration: SPOLECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (Poland), CULTURE GOES EUROPE (Germany), Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland), AKNOW (Greece), AER (Romania) and TE-IS (Hungary)
🔍 Stay tuned to learn more about the project on http://digitalroutes.4learning.eu/