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Check out the I-AID Genie Tool!

By September 23, 2021No Comments
❓ Do you play video games on the internet in excess? Are you compulsively shopping online? Are you constantly checking your social media? ❓
📲 These are just a few examples of what we usually refer as ‘Internet Addictive Behaviour’ (IAB), which inevitably can affect our emotional and social wellbeing in a negative way.
🤔 With this in mind, the new Erasmus+ KA2 Adult Project Internet Abuse Identification and Personalised Withdrawal Strategies (I-AID), aims to support adults with excessive preoccupation with the internet to implement personalised moderation plans and screen moderation strategies through the Internet Addiction Pal.
👉See your action cards today by clicking on the link here: https://iaidpal.eu/
👉For more information on the I-AID project click here: https://i-aid.erasmus.site/