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2nd Transnational meeting for the AMIF project!

By November 8, 2021No Comments
💭 “We have a legal and moral obligation to protect people fleeing bombs, and tyrants, and throughout history, those people have enriched our society.” Juliet Stevenson
👉 Emphasys Centre participated in the 2nd Transnational Meeting for the AMIF Project “ENGAGE: Development of inclusivE iNteGration pAths 4 miGrant womEn” on the 27 and 28th of October 2021, which was conducted in a hybrid form.
During the meeting, the partners discussed about the upcoming activities of the WP2: Up-Skilling Workshops for TCN women and Labour Market stakeholders (LMS), and the WP3: JOB SHADOWING SCHEMES Development and set the deadlines.
Furthermore, the next steps towards the promotion of the project and the development of the dynamic ENGAGE PORTAL were discussed.
👉The project aims to increase TCN women’s capability to enter the labour market and social life of the host society, via the organization of Up-Skilling Workshops, Job Shadowing Schemes and cross-cultural activities. The direct target groups of the project are TCN women and Labour Market Stakeholders (LMS), and the indirect are TCNs, local citizens (women and men), professionals, policy makers, NGOs and the general public.
A big thank you to the hosting organisation of this meeting @ Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (Netherlands), as well as the rest of the partners, UCLL (Belgium) ZRC SAZU (Slovenia) , InterAktion (Austria), Δήμητρα Εκπαιδευτικός Οργανισμός (Greece), Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (Netherlands), Cyprus Refugee Council (Cyprus), Cefas – Centro di Formazione ed Alta Specializzazione (Italy),  kitev (Germany), MetropolisNet (Germany) and Dramblys (Spain) for the great cooperation!
👉 For more information on the ENGAGE project: