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Check out the latest news on the STEAM4ALL project!

By December 16, 2021No Comments
🤓 The Erasmus+ project entitled 🚂 STEAM4ALL aims to address the demand for digital skills due to the advancement of Digitisation and Industry 4.0 which are the main drivers of the transformation of the labour market. In order to cover this demand for skilled workers, the project aims to equip young people and their trainers with digital skills. 
📖 In order to develop a targeted curriculum (competence framework) for students’ acquisition of STEAM-related skills, the needs, gaps, infrastructure and equipment will need to be identified, at the school level among teachers and students. The STEAM AUDIT was in the form of a questionnaire, as well as small scenarios so as to test the knowledge of students/teachers. Below, in the form of an infographic, are the summaries of the results for the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Germany!
👉For more information about the project please visit: http://steam4all.4learning.eu/
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