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💚♻️BALANCE project meeting to present the IO2 Training Materials!

By January 31, 2022No Comments
💚♻️BALANCE project meeting to present the IO2 Training Materials!
👉The BALANCE project aims to develop and provide SMEs decision-makers with an innovative training program, that will help them transform into greener operations while improving their financial literacy and enhancing their environmental awareness.
📅On the 24th of January 2022, the partnership met online for the IO2.A7: Feedback Online Meeting regarding the training materials that were developed as part of IO2. During the meeting, each partner presented their module and after each module, the rest of the partners provided their feedback and comments. The BALANCE training program now includes the following modules:
✔️Module 1: Introduction – Specificities of SMEs
✔️Module 2: European SMEs and Environmental policies
✔️Module 3: Self-assessment of SMEs’ Environmental Impacts
✔️Module 4: Mobilizing Sustainable Finance
✔️Module 5: Process Approach of Business Practices
✔️Module 6: Cost-Effective External and Internal Practices and Methods
👉After the presentation of the modules, the partnership discussed final tasks related to IO2 and the interim report. Finally, CCSDE presented an overview plan of IO3: E-learning platform: Greener and Sustainable Business.
👏Special thanks to our coordinator Inspire Bulgaria (Bulgaria), for organizing a fruitful meeting, as well as to the rest of the partners POLITEKNIKA IKASTEGIA TXORIERRI (Spain), CCS Digital Education – EU Funded Projects (Ireland), IDEC S.A. (Greece), EUROGEO-European Association of Geographers (Belgium) for their hard work.
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