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The KA1 mobility: ‘STOP Cyberbullying’ has reached a successful end!

By February 25, 2022No Comments
🤳Just as technology can bring us together, it can also separate us ↔️, or even be used to create harm to another person. 🚫 Cyberbullying has taken school-day bullying to the next level, making it harder for the victim to escape and also harder for educators/ parents to detect it and take action.
💪 Emphasys Centre successfully organised the Erasmus+ KA1 mobility: ‘STOP Cyberbullying: Prevention and Intervention Practices for Educators’, between the 12th – 22nd of February 2022.
During the training, some of the topics that were covered were:
  • Forms and Challenges of Cyberbullying
  • How to prevent and intervene in cyberbullying.
  • How to teach cyberbullying and the importance of media literacy.
  • Exchanging good practices in tackling cyberbullying, and promoting a positive learning environment.
🙏 A big thank you to the teachers from College la Charme for their active participation and collaboration.
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