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Emphasys’ professional recording studio!

Our newest addition to the team!
Emphasys has a professional recording studio 🎬 for podcasts and webinars.
The studio is fully equipped with all high tech resources and tools such as:
πŸŽ₯2 Cinecameras 6K & 4 Cinecameras 4K
🎀 4 studio microphones
🎚️ 1 3 axis Edelkrone slider
🎹 1 studio switch with 8 camera inputs
🎧 1 sound mixer
πŸ’‘ 1 studio light with light diffuser
πŸ”° 1 Manfrotto Green Screen 4 X 2.30 metres
πŸ“Ί 1 TV 55’
and with room for more…
πŸ’― The studio is used for podcasts, webinars and web radio activities, as well as for digital marketing and video editing.