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The YOUTHMINDS Kick-Off Meeting was successfully completed!

🎉The YOUTHMINDS Kick-Off Meeting was successfully completed!
🗯️The recent COVID-19 crisis, increased the number of mental health disorders, with over half of young people across the globe showing signs of depression and anxiety (Youth & Covid-19 survey in 112 countries). Sadly, it is estimated that only 10–15% of YP with mental health problems receive help from existing mental health services (WHO 2005).
📢Emphasys Centre is thrilled to announce that it will participate in the development of the new Erasmus+ KA2 ‘YOUTHMINDS’ that aims to promote positive mental health in young people. This will be completed by improving their knowledge around mental health through immediate discussions with youth workers and equipping them with the skills to maintain their mental wellbeing. In addition, in order to achieve these objectives, the project encompasses the development of a knowledge pack, an interactive platform, a mobile application and a guidebook to direct the participants.
During the hybrid meeting, which took place between the 22nd-23rd of March 2022, the consortium discussed the main objectives of the project and its Intellectual Outputs as well as matters related to Quality Assurance, Evaluation and Dissemination.
👏A massive thank you to the project coordinator SDRUZHENIE WALK TOGETHER (Bulgaria) for organizing the meeting, and to the other partners Fundación Sorapán de Rieros (Spain), HELLAS FOR US ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI MI KYBERNITIKI ETERIA (Greece), ASOCIACIJA TAVO EUROPA (Lithuania), Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Spolecznej (Poland) and ATERMON B.V (Netherlands).