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The second transnational meeting of the Ready Teddy Go project!

🔊The partners managed to meet today face to face, in the Instituto Dei Sordi di Torino in Italy, to discuss the upcoming steps of the “READY, TEDDY GO!” Project. The partners attended their second Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) on the 6th & 7th of June, and analyzed the activities and tasks of the second Project Result (PR2).
🔎The second Project Result includes the development of the teaching material, specifically designed to support Special Needs Educators. The booklet will aim to enhance their knowledge in terms of techniques that can be utilized with children with autism, to the role of parents in helping cultivate the child’s social and communication skills.
🐻In addition, the consortium managed to tackle the challenges of developing the TEDDY Avatar, by discussing which components would be vital to be included into the TEDDY, such as facial expressions, including happy and sad and simple movements such as waving.
👏 A massive thank you to the project coordinator Politechnika Lodzka (Poland) and to the Fondazione Istituto dei Sordi di Torino ONLUS (Italy) for their hospitality, in addition to the other partners involved in the project; Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Spoleczne (Poland), , Associacio Programes Educatius Open Europe (Spain), e-Nable Greece (Greece) and Sutrikusio intelekto zmoniu globos bendrija “Vilniaus Viltis” (Lithuania) for their active participation!
For more information about our project, visit https://readyteddygo.eu/
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