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Third Transnational Meeting of the AGILITe project!

👉 Emphasys Centre participated on the 9-10th June 2022 in the third meeting of the KA2 Erasmus+ project AGILITe: Developing the digital and entrepreneurial competences of VET trainers to support agile entrepreneurship training.
The project AGILITe addresses three key challenges simultaneously by aiming to build:
✔️ the digital competencies of VET tutors;
✔️ the entrepreneurial spirit of VET tutors;
✔️ an understanding of the European Green Deal and the new business opportunities it offers.
The meeting provided a good opportunity for partners to discuss the development of the material, exchange feedback, and agree on the next steps.
💯 Many thanks to the coordinator of this project Future in Perspective Limited (Ireland), as well as our other partners, Academia Postal 3 Vigo S.L. (Spain), Callidus (Croatia), AKMI ANONIMI EKPAIDEFTIKI ETAIRIA (Greece), Skills Elevation FHB (Germany), FONIX AS (Norway), ISQ (Portugal) and FUNDATIA PROFESSIONAL (Romania) for this fruitful meeting.
For more information check out: http://agilite-project.eu/
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