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The Learning, Teaching and Training activity of the EU Digital Framework for Sign Language project!

The Learning, Teaching and Training activity (C1) of the european KA2 VET project EU Digital Framework for Sign Language was conducted between the 28th and 30th of June 2022 in Vienna, AU.
The EU Digital Sign Language project aims to develop a database providing at least 500 lemmas in international sign language related to the lexical domain of digital and ICT. As a result, hearing-impaired individuals will have the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in an era where digital competences have become an essential requirement in today’s job market.
During the C1 training, the participants explored different online tools which can be used for promotion and explotation, they learnt more about the deafness community as well as communication tips and they had the opportunity to learn how to say stories using a storyboarding, as hearing-impaired individuals are visual learners.
Additionally, Emphasys Centre presented the platform as well as the glossary which is divided into five different subdomains around the fields of:
1. Computer science
2. Cloud networking
3. Internet of Things (IoT)
4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics
5. Audiovisual and media production
On the 1st of July, the 3rd meeting was conducted at the same place, where the partners discussed the project’s progress. A mini-workshop and brainstorming session were conducted for the 3rd and last intellectual output which is the “Employers Guidelines”. Moreover, presentations in relation to dissemination and quality were given.
🙏 A big thank you to the coordinator of this project Istituto dei Sordi di Torino (Italy), the hosting organisation Equalizent Schulungs und Beratungs GmbH (Austria), as well as the rest of the partners for their cooperation Budakov Films Ltd (Bulgaria), European Digital Learning Network (Italy), APEA – Associação Portuguesa de Emprego Apoiado (Portugal) and Fundación Tecnología Social – Funteso (Spain).
For more information, please visit the project website: https://digitalsignlanguage.eu/
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