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Learn about the YOUTHMINDS project!

🔊💬The pandemic has severely impacted the globe’s mental health state, but more specifically young people’s mental health. Young individuals were forced to adapt to an alternative social environment, in which their interaction amongst each other was through social media.
🧠Hence, the objective of the YOUTHMINDS project is to help young people learn how to verbalize mental health issues, tackle the social stigma surrounding these topics and essentially design a specialized mobile application.
📲The InnerYOU smartphone application will be an innovative application tool, with the aim to offer the opportunity to young people to take care/ improve and maintain their Mental Health by performing their own PERSONALIZED Mental Health Action Plan (on weekly basis) that will be tailored to their preferences, needs to cover etc.
➡️Stay tuned by following our social media accounts, both on Instagram and Facebook and through our user-friendly website: https://youthminds.eu/