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Learn more about the CompB4D PROJECT 💯

Learn more about the CompB4D PROJECT 💯
✒️CompB4D is being an active adult European project for the past 4 months and aims to identify and develop possible ways of recognition and validation of competences acquired by non-formal and informal settings, especially with left behind adult learners and other disadvantaged target groups, mainly through the use of a Validation Portfolio.
📝 The consortium has been preparing the PR1 and the project’s dissemination for the past 4 months, along with the creation of two newsletters and carrying out two successful meetings. After all that, the CompB4D team is ready to take the next steps.
💻After completing the PR1, and combining all the results in a report, the CompB4D team is getting ready to create a small handbook with all the relevant information concerning the findings of PR1.🕵🏽‍♀️
🔜PR2 is now under construction, where each organization is searching for activities that can be addressed in their modules and which are going to be used in the training curriculum to help educators with their work.
🤳🏽Find out more at:
Facebook: Competences Before Diplomas
Instagram: @compB4D