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SKILL4PARENTS Final hybrid meeting in Croatia was successfully completed!

By September 21, 2022No Comments
📢🧡SKILL4PARENTS Final hybrid meeting in Croatia was successfully completed!🎉
👉The SKILLS4PARENTS project aims to improve the personal growth, communication, and parenting skills of parents as well as the professional skills of adult educators.
📆The project’s 4th and final Translational Project Meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia on the 16th of September 2022. During the meeting, the partnership discussed any remaining issues related to project results, dissemination, reporting, and sustainability matters.
💯Everything is coming to an end successfully!
Many thanks to the hosting organization PA Step by step (Croatia) and to the rest of the partners COFACE Families Europe (Belgium), EACG (Cyprus), , DLEARN (Italy), and Stichting Incubator (Netherlands) for their active participation and dedication.
Stay updated:Website: https://skills4parents.eu/