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School Starters Hub Hybrid Final meeting in Bilbao, Spain!

By October 4, 2022No Comments
📣🎉School Starters Hub Hybrid Final meeting in Bilbao, Spain!
👉 School Starters Hub aims to transform secondary schools into innovation and creativity hubs that will interconnect schools, research and science, and Enterprises through the participatory approach of a European Platform.
📆The final hybrid meeting of the project was organized in Bilbao, Spain on the 29th & 30th of September 2022. During the meeting, partners discussed final matters related to the School Starters Hub platform, the students’ workshops, and the Students’ Toolkit. Deadlines were set for the final remaining tasks of dissemination, quality, and management.
💯Emphasys center is really proud to have been part of this great project and consortium.
A big thank you to our host Txorierri (Spain) for the excellent organization and to the other partners  DLEARN (Italy), RCCI (Bulgaria), IDEC (Greece)  and PLATON (Greece) for their active participation.
👉School Starter Hub Platform: https://training-schoolstarter.eu/