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By February 2, 2023No Comments
🗓️ Between the 30-31 of January 2023, Emphasys Centre participated in the third transnational meeting for the STEAM3D Academy project, in Reus, Spain.
♻️Through this project, the consortium aims to increase the interest in quality VET education, among students and teachers, to enhance their unique and transversal skills. The project aims to increase the students adaptability to the rapidly-changing labour market, attract their attention to the process of digitisation in education, as well as tendencies to green economy  At the same time, the consortium aspires to equip them in non-trivial competences, which will make them outstanding in the competitive labour market.
🙏We would like to thank our coordinator STOWARZYSZENIE OŚWIATOWE “EDUKATOR” (PL), as well as our other partners DOMSPAIN SLU (SP), e-Nable Greece (GR), NIKANOR LTD (BL) and 4 EPAL KAVALAS (GR) for the great meeting!
👉 For more information check out: http://steam3dacademy.eu/
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