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By February 20, 2023February 28th, 2023No Comments
💭’The real power that AI brings to education is connecting our learning intelligently to make us smarter.’ 💭 – Rose Luckin.
🗓️ On the 17th of February 2023, Emphasys Centre participated in the Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus KA2 school project: AI4STEM – Introducing the 5 Big Ideas in Artificial Intelligence using Internet of Things in STEM education, in Cergy France.
🤖The AI4STEM project will utilize the Five Big Ideas in AI concept and a series of IoT projects to develop an educational framework on which students (8-16 years old) will be introduced to artificial intelligence through hands-on lessons, blending the Internet of Things principles, programming and STEM learning outcomes.
💯During the meeting, the project overview was presented, all Project results were presented and analysed and the first tasks and deadlines were set.
🙏 A big thank you to our host and coordinator ECAM-EPMI (FR), as well as the rest of the partners Europaiko Ergastirio Ekpaideftikis Technologias (GR), ATERMON (NL) and Projeto Schole LDA (PT) for their excellent collaboration.