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By May 22, 2023May 24th, 2023No Comments
💭 Essentially, all life depends upon the soil… There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together. – Dr. Charles E Kellogg 💭
🎉 Between the 15th -20 of May 2023, Emphasys Centre successfully organised the KA1 Course: Be the Green Change: How to adopt a greener, eco-friendlier, and more sustainable lifestyle! https://erasmuscoursescyprus.com/courses/be-the-green-change/
💪 During the training, the participants learned about greenwashing, composting, reducing consumption
making personal care products like dish soap bars, tips on how to reduce water waste at home or organisation,
microplastics and many more…
💯 All resources and materials taught are available on the Emphasys KA1 Support Platform in order to support them deliver entrepreneurial training: https://erasmuscoursescyprus.com/support-platform/
A special thank you to Sofia Matsi founder of Petrera Permaculture Land for welcoming us and showing us good practices in composting and eliminating house waste, and Anna Sergiou from Cape Greco Environmental Centre for the outdoor environmental lesson about microplastics at Ammos Tou Kampouri beach!
👉 For more information about our courses, check out our website at: https://erasmuscoursescyprus.com/courses/
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