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📢 Quick update on the ITOSA project!

🧓The ITOSA project aims to offer trainers/educators a new innovative training programme that motivates seniors to work together and learn new things, act for their local communities in a practical way, be creative and share their works with others.
👉 Partners met once again in Sofia (Bulgaria) and also online on the 22nd-23rd of May 2023. During the meeting, the main points of discusssion were mainly the Moodle platform that will host the FREE training programme for seniors’ educators, the toolkit for involving seniors in civic participation, dissemination strategy, quality and administration tasks. Each partner presented the methodologies in which they have expertise on while working with seniors and set deadlines for the upcoming tasks.
👏 A big thank you to our coordinator Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland) as well as the host of the meeting InterArt Foundation (Bulgaria) for the excellent organisation of the meeting, as well as the rest of our partners, Inštitut Antona Trstenjaka (Italy), Inštitut Antona Trstenjaka (Slovenia), Centar Za Drustveno Ekonomski Razvoj Udruzenje (Serbia) and Fundacja Rozwoju Przez Całe Życie (Poland) for the fruitful meeting.
👉 See you soon in Cyprus!