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the C1 Training and Third transnational meeting for the SCRAPY project!

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” – Clay P. Bedford, President of Kaiser Aerospace & Electronics and More
Emphasys Centre participated in the C1 Training and Third transnational meeting for the Erasmus+ KA2 SCHOOL – SCRAPY: Strengthening educator’s competencies for distance STEM learning through physical computing & DIY electronics project, in Porto, Portugal between the 26th – 30th of June, 2023.
The main goal of the SCRAPY project is to strengthen educators’ competencies to provide distance STEM learning through custom-made hardware and software to teach young students physical computing, programming and DIY electronics development.
During the Training activity, the partners presented their modules and experiments and were able to conduct experiments with the SCRAPY KIT. Additionally, the SCRAPY KIT, guide, trainers guide, assessment framework, skills and assessment framework were also presented and discussed, as well as the SCRAPY Coder, which was presented and tested.
During the TPM, the partners provided input for the SCRAPY guide, additional feedback for the SCRAPY coder (after it was tested) and the upcoming tasks were discussed, such as the Validation plan, where pilot testings will take place in the partner countries. Finally, Dissemination, Quality Assurance and the next online meetings were discussed and organised.
We would like to thank our host, PROJETO SCHOLE LDA (PT) for the hospitality and organisation, our coordinator ECAM-EPMI (FR), as well as our other partners: ASSOCIATION OF TECHNICAL CULTURE RIJEKA (CR), AKNOW (GR), Attermon (NL) for their great cooperation!
For more information about the project, please visit: https://www.scrapy.erasmusplus.website/ and feel free to explore the SCRAPY Coder here: https://coder.scrapykit.eu/
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