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📢The 3D-Entrepreneurship C2 Training! 🎉

📢The 3D-Entrepreneurship C2 Training! 🎉
💯 The Erasmus+ KA2 3D Entrepreneurship aims to develop an educational training program for entrepreneurship focused on 3D learning and gamification in order to support adult educators’ professional development and increase adult learners’ motivation toward entrepreneurship.
👉 The C2 training was held between the 10th-14th of July 2023 in Coruna, Spain. During the training, the participants were given the opportunity the learn about all of the 12 modules, which were developed with hands-on practical activities
👏 We would like to thank the coordinator, Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (The Netherlands), as well as the rest of the partners, Clictic (Spain) and STEPP – Sviluppo di Progetti Innovativi (Italy) for the amazing training.
For more information about the project, check out: https://www.3denterpreneurship.eu/