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The SAINT project!

By August 11, 2023No Comments
SAINT: handS on introduction to Artificial Intelligence in primary educatioN using minecrafT
🤖In this era of rapid technological changes, there are growing debates around the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the dangers and opportunities it entails. The reason why there’s so much talk about AI and how it could change our future is because AI-based solutions are already being implemented in various products and technologies across different sectors.
The objectives to be achieved through this project are the following:
👉 Introduce pupils, teachers and educators to AI concepts and related practical implementations
👉 Improve teachers’ knowledge of digital learning spaces. Provide them with the knowledge, content and tools to teach about AI and utilise Minecraft in classroom and remote learning environments
👉Enhance teachers and students digital skills and help schools migrate to digital learning without sacrificing benefits of classroom-based learning
👉Reduce the gap between need and availability for AI-related skills
👉 Address the growing need to develop remote learning solutions facilitating student engagement and creativity
👉 Upskill the teachers and educators with new sets of skills (PBL, AI, gamification etc) developed through innovative ways of teaching,
👉 Promote gamified learning approaches combined with problem-based Learning.
For more information about the project, check out: https://saint.erasmusplus.website/