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📣 The ruraLAB project is coming to an end!

By October 2, 2023October 3rd, 2023No Comments
📣 The ruraLAB project is coming to an end!
💯The Erasmus+ KA2 ruraLAB project: Fostering Empowerment of Young People in Rural Areas Through Social Entrepreneurship and Employment aims to equip young people living in rural areas with tools and knowledge in order to improve their entrepreneurial skills, start their own social enterprise and avoid leaving rural areas.
📢 The consortium met for one last time in Rome, Italy on the 28th and 29th of September 2023. Partners had a short recap of what has been done up until now and they discussed their current activities which are focused on the pilot testing of PR2 and PR3. In addition, they have set deadlines and allocated the final tasks of the project in order to reach its successful completion. Lastly, due to their really good work together, they briefly discussed about potential future collaborations.
🙏We would like to thank the coordinator University of National and World Economy (UNWE/УНСС) (Bulgaria) and the host of this meeting, Università di Roma Tor Vergata (Italy) as well as the rest of the partners, Dideas Desarrollo Personas (Spain), Inqubator Leeuwarden (The Netherlands), Edu-Europe (Greece), CRES Association – Centre for Research and European Studies (Italy) for this productive meeting and the great collaboration these two years! We are looking forward to more to come!
👉 Learn more about the project: www.ruralabproject.eu