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By November 11, 2023No Comments
👉 Drone technology is a fascinating way to introduce students to STEM related professions, equip them with relevant skills and thus cover the gaps reported in the labour market to meet the new job creation arising. At the same time, it blends together all STEM fields, such as maths and physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and computer science. It promotes other employability skills needed in the 21st century, such as problem-solving, group work, leadership, creativity, and initiative.
The DRONES@STEAM project aims to provide:
  • STEAM skills that are not fully covered by the VET curricula and are currently needed in the labour market.
  • Targeted digital competencies and the use of technologies leading to the 4.0 industry.
  • Νew career orientations and opportunities in a variety of sectors of the labour market.
💯The partnership of the consortium is currently developing the training materials for the curricula!
📽️Check out the 13th video of the series on how to test the motor functionality of air:bit!